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119 reviews for ZooZooFarms.com

  1. 420dankgod

    5 stars !!!

  2. dmbfan1969

    My go to place! Very good product and price! Always come through!
    Zoozoo for me !!!!!

  3. Babytooth72

    I just have to tell you this is the number one delivery place for sure no matter how good the flower gets they can always come up with something that’s even better and they’re always right on point with what they tell you I’m very impressed and I would encourage everybody to try their products!


    By far the best. Don’t bother with rest! Delivery is always the wait time they tell you. Text message when they are 15 mins out. Great service and personnel. Highly recommend.

  5. soniawhittie10

    A friend of mine referred me to this service for good wax. Gotta say, I am incredibly impressed with the quality, price, and selection of concentrates. Live resin is my favorite, and I often have trouble finding good stuff for a good price. This is my go to from now on! 😊

  6. Steve Pifko

    Loving ZooZoo farms!!

  7. Jeremy Hogan

    Best delivery service in town! Love ordering wax from these guys. Lots of tasty smooth flavors for doing globs

  8. bobbydre14

    The purple peach pie is straight 🔥🔥🔥

  9. dylan

    Fire ass product everytime. Always looks like the picture and is good👍

  10. Shelby Roberts

    Best products and staff! Always a great experience with their products

  11. support

    great people to work with, amazing product and it’s just one text message away .. jungle mintz really good can’t wait to try what’s next

  12. ngolden81

    Every time I order from them amazing customer service also friendly the concentrate and Bud is so good I have no complaints thank u

  13. Ann Lemley

    Great service great products

  14. Mel b

    Blue cookie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. richard.gruenberg

    I have been getting taken care of by this squad now for about a year. Great service and product. I reccomend all my friends and family to them. Thanks guys!!!

  16. Gabriella Boraggina

    quality service, and products! never disappointed! the only delivery service I buy from!

  17. Dave James

    Always fire I’ve been using this service for quite some time and always happy with meds btw scoops lr is highly recommended for the flavor and efficiency

  18. Skyjack420

    The best delivery service in Michigan. Product quality is second to none, availability is second to none. Prices are fair. Not to mention the best menu presentation in the business.

  19. dragonfire7928

    Awesome meds great prices thanks guys

  20. noblejay

    My go to place for over a year. There house resin is better than most top shelf stuff for way less.

  21. Gordon myers

    ZooZoo farms is the best place they always got some great flowers always. There wax is by far the best I have. I will never go to a different place. Your the bomb ZooZoo

  22. Madison Kresek

    I ordered from them the first time on 420, surprised quick delivery & great products. Went back for more today!

  23. Trippyafternoon

    Always comes in cluch. Good bud and prices

  24. D34DM4N

    Fast and friendly staff, driver was prompt and professional. I will use this service again.
    Constructive criticism; able to use debit cards (can be quite a bit of money on hand for the purchaser) and to be able to know what brand flower is chosen when you get grams for free… what if I liked it and want more…. no way to know and maybe a rewards/points system
    Nothing to keep me from coming back

  25. shatierb

    I stop goin to my local dispensary by far the best flower I had! Jet fuel🔥🔥 and black cherry 🔥🔥 and kush mint 🔥🔥flaming cherry🔥🔥 always friendly! Delivery is usually 3-4hours but Maybe because I live far??? But it’s worth it❤️

  26. jameswalterjohnson

    I’m a Big Fan of Zoo Zoo, awesome selection, straightforward customer service, fast delivery and low price. The Amazon of wax IMO!!! If forced to make a suggestion I’d say a simpler and more consistent ETA Notification process would be appreciated. All the best…
    Jim J

  27. eguilds

    Wax is always fire and looks exactly like the pictures. Always a fast reply. Sometimes delivery takes awhile but it depends on the day.

  28. Jeff Kosztowny

    5 stars,great selections and price is right.

  29. Nancy Jurewicz

    Best quality bud around.
    Prices are always the best around.
    ZooZoo has great bud..lots of choices.
    Delivery drivers are very personable.

  30. teeballtim

    Super good product for the price I just got my med card and this place has me locked in! 10/10

  31. Ed

    Love this company ❤️ reliable and amazing! I mostly get the 5g buckets of LR for $100 and it’s 🔥🔥worth it 100%

  32. dblockinmate657

    Pictures do not do justice bud is fire concentrates are amazing great place

  33. Shell Bigelow

    Love this place. The wait is long after you order but it’s worth the wait in my opinion. I haven’t gone back to my old place since I found zoo zoo. I try to recommend all my fellow 420 friends. Keep up the good work guys!

  34. Dave James

    Always great live resin and buds are always fire

  35. molsonjr1994

    Zoozoo farms has the best bud, and live resin at an un rivaled price. Always on point with delivery. Rarely do i ever go anywhere else!

  36. helena

    hand down the best place to get live resin wax form

  37. helena

    get places to buy live resin wax

  38. Derek Moore

    Zoo Zoo Farm is the best top self all the time blue cookiez is great can’t wait for them to get some more blueberry cruffin and g.m.o

  39. Jacob

    Best smoke in southeast Michigan! Really wish you guys would get some cereal milk back

  40. CD

    Bring back the purple peach pie stuff was absolutely fire 🔥🔥

  41. rachel hewell

    Amazing 🔥🔥

  42. ozzlz935

    Absolutely fire. Best in Detroit 🔥🔥

  43. Melissa Blair

    Always have the best flower choices and 5g jars of wax are always amazing!

  44. matthewcoder

    Only place ill get my wax from💯🔥🔥🔥

  45. Colista Piotrowski

    I have been a customer of Zoozoo farms for about 6 months now. They have been great and the delivery is always timely, with great products and awesome staff. So pleased with business!

  46. Santino Saputo

    Fucking fire

  47. spargrob810

    Best delivery in Michigan always quality product and prompt delivery times

  48. andrewhowlett1

    Very consistent with fire flower strains. Actual pics of flower they have available to.

  49. maceboogie15

    Best around

  50. Santino Saputo

    Best service in the state

  51. tammylaten

    Love the concentrates

  52. Dorian Peters

    Great flower,wax,carts since i started ordering from these guy haven’t been to a dispo since delivery takes a little time but guess good things come to those that wait😁

  53. dargajoe777

    Good flower pretty much exotics for a great price whenever I’m in the area at my inlaws house and want something different to smoke I hit up zoo zoo

  54. dg.yadig

    All of there buds and wax are top products, Never disappointed with anything I’ve got from them. Price is fair for the quality all around great delivery service!!🙂

  55. Melissa Blair

    Best bud and wax in town!

  56. chrisralston2016

    Been shopping with ZooZoo for almost a year now and never disappointed. Flower always looks great. I stopped smoking flower full time and started doing concentrates. I do have to say that ZooZoo has some of the best deals and greatest quality on dabs. Great flavor as well as high. I will continue to shop with zoozoo for all my medical needs. Thanks again for good quality product, keep it up.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. zacharypierson95

    I have been coming to these guys for multiple years and always have fire. I’m never disappointed, just had some Bomb pop and purple peach pie jars and can’t wait to get more!
    Also Zachs pie is by far my favorite strain! Just ordered some today!

  58. Antoine Washington

    This is very convenient there very fast and understanding I would highly recommend them to others

  59. brandon

    Been comin here a long time and the products only get better
    Thanks for the Dank🔥

  60. conawayscott32

    Best delivery service there is good prices great product

  61. Dorene

    Great place. Good product reasonable price
    Always reliable

  62. bendlerbros

    Always have the best and most consistant top off the line products around
    Curtis (Venom51)

  63. fixitdave

    I have tried the order online 2 times now..It has been great !!
    I have a flip phone ( yes a flip phone ) so for me to try to text was a real pain.
    My order has been correct both times and I received texts letting me know how long.
    Wait time seems to be a little longer but that doesn’t bother me ..
    Great job and thank you !

  64. Carly Hammond

    Great!fire flower and concentrates delivered super fast thank you will def order again!!!

  65. fattiegrunt

    They are the best business to deal with. They have never let me down in 2 years I been consistent. All their 250 and 275 ounces are the best. Liz if very friendly and always the best customer service if you have any questions.

  66. damonphillips124

    I love this place! The pics match the weed! The weed is amazing! Prices are even better! Delivery might take a little while but it’s definitely worth it !!!!

  67. Aaron Hopp

    Love ZooZoo…Have been following and getting meds from them for a very long time…They NEVER disappoint!!!!!…❤🙏❤….LOVE ZOOZOO FARMS!!!

  68. John S

    Always nice and great on giving deals

  69. Babytooth72

    I’ve already left a review on here I don’t even leave reviews but ahh if people choose to go to any other company you are making a terrible mistake Everytime I order elsewhere there is no completion they all make too many mistake and don’t want to resolve them when they do.as well no one can touch ZOO ZOO (in big letters for a reasons should be bigger)NOT THE QUALITY OF THERE MEDS THERE SERVICE AND THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE FOUND THERE MOST LOYAL CUSTOMER IN ME AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS I AM THE WORST CRITIC!!!! KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING ZOO ZOO AND YOU SHOULD TAKE OVER THE WHOLE INDUSTRY !!! I’ll even help you grow not that you need it .SERIOUSLY THANK YOU ZOO ZOO

  70. nino tranchida

    wonderful marijuana

  71. Jakksmom

    Concentrates are amazing and delivery is descent 😊🤗

  72. maryforbes70

    They never disappoint! Why go anywhere else?

  73. celestevsmith14

    I’m a loyal customer/patient! ZooZoo farms provides quality cannabis. I love experimenting with edibles and exploring different strains of flower. It’s super easy to order and excellent to smoke!

  74. k.seaton313

    I would agree with the last guy and say that I am loyal as well. Haven’t been anywhere else in months! Wish I would have found these guys folks sooner. Respectful, professional, amazing quality, fair pricing and they come to YOU what more can you ask for. Will never go anywhere else!

  75. carlymhammond


  76. iamthatguybls

    Been ordering from these guys for a min Now They always have that Good Good..Pics don’t do Justice for the High Times Buds You will Receive when Ordering Professional all around Keep up the Great Work Guys 3 Thumbs Up…

  77. jazmine328

    Fast delivery and fire products, cant find this quality anywhere else

  78. funk4everc

    Love these guys! Great product always! Everyone is helpful and friendly!!

  79. tammylaten

    I would never buy my concentrates anywhere else this place is top notch

  80. hewantedcomcast

    I love ZooZoo never been disappointed. They are always fast and friendly and always top botch products!

  81. robzettner57

    🔥 🔥 🔥 loud and I just tried some thru my boy definitely hitting zoo zoo farms up lol

  82. xredxcrayonx

    I never stopped coming back. First time I tried their products…..hands down I never went to anyone else. I stick with these guys and you should too!

  83. seankalil1

    I refuse to get my concentrates from anywhere else. Zoo zoo is the best hands down!

  84. Dontay Reddick

    always have fire no matter what direction you going in edibles, flower, and concentrates

  85. Melissa B

    I’ve been ordering from Zoo Zoo for quite some time now and I’ve never had a bad order! Flower is always amazing and wax too! Now if only they carried the church brand pods and vape carts I’d literally have everything I need in one place lol! Keep up the good work! You guys are awesome!!

  86. Amanda Reid

    Always on point! Great product and delivery service!

  87. zacharypierson95

    Only service I deal with! Best quality around! Just tried the Berner cookies and Glue zauce can’t wait to get more!

  88. eric.verville.73

    I only shop ZooZoo. Best quality products at an insane rate. Blows any other price and quality out of the water.”

  89. nikepoirier

    Woowoo ZooZoo 🤘🏻👍🏻

  90. shoresfloorsandmore

    I’ve been a loyal customer since they opened. They continue to put the dispos to shame with their products. Best flower around, and at prices that are fair. Super friendly and professional. Always answer any questions I’ve had. Highly recommend using ZooZoo . 👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. John D Hall

    I love zoo zoo they always deliver quickly and the products are great!!
    Very professional drivers and easy ordering platform. You won’t be disappointed with using Zoo Zoo for your medical needs.

  92. chriskijek

    Thank you Zoo Zoo Farms for your consistency. PERIOD!!

  93. mangelo0828

    Zoo Zoo farms is the most on point dispo

  94. Mark B

    Hands down, best dispo for flower! 👍👍👍

  95. fattiegrunt

    Liz and steph always go above and beyond for me answering any questions I have. Their products have always been great over the passed 2 years . I’ve had the pleasure of doing business. Their drivers are always polite especially Ryan going above and beyond for me. Thank you Zoo Zoo farms! I will always be a loyal customer as long as you guys are around.

  96. Jennifer Vasquez

    Everything I get from flower, THCa, edibles and tincture have been amazing. Everyone has always been very friendly and it’s the only service I use.

  97. 420_retro

    For the live resin 4/100 or 4/120. Can’t be beat. Especially with not having to leave your home. ZooZoo is my go to for budget concentrates for sure from now on!

  98. shoresfloorsandmore

    Once again ZooZoo doesent disappoint. Honest opinions whenever I ask question. Much appreciated 👍 thanks again for being the best delivery service ever and kicking out 🔥 flower better than any brick and mortar dispo 👍👍👍👍👍

  99. jenrv1981

    The THC-A products are amazing and worth getting. Also love the choices of edibles you can choose from and flower.

  100. chriskijek

    Best quality, great specials prices, consistent medication!!!!! Thank you for helping with my ailments.

  101. dargajoe777

    Its doesn’t matter what I get from zoo zoo its always gonna be fire and they have an amazing selection in every category

  102. Notyourbudyguy

    Best delivery service around, always fast, friendly great product can’t go wrong

  103. dargajoe777

    White gummie bears🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❌🧢

  104. Raquel Dersa

    They are my go to spot for a wax, the quality is always great and I always know I’ll get my moneys worth. Thank you for being awesome! I’ve recommended them to other medical patients due to consistency in quality

  105. shoresfloorsandmore

    Shout out to tha best delivery in the mitten!
    ZooZoo you guys/gals😉 kick ass. Always honest n straight up whenever my dumb ass asks questions. Product NEVER disappoints. Don’t sleep on ZooZoo people 👍

  106. jenrv1981

    The kush mints is fire!

  107. allyson.dialak

    Had communication problems and my order was missed 11/22. Was not too happy but they made it right the very next day and were very accomodating with my specific time slot for the delivery! Thanks again ZooZoo!

  108. johnmalone883

    Today was my first time ordering….I must say I am amazed!!! The quality is no contest, legit I would put yall up against any other place an You would demolish there concentrates. Wait was a little long but hell I guess greatness is worth a wait. I purchased the banana clips an fire og thca no Cap! Str8 🔥 also received a welcome tube of there flower an I must say it has been awhile 😀 I will def be grabbing flower as well ….. keep up the good work!!!!

  109. terranceking228

    I’m a faithful customer and probably won’t buy from anyone else. Product is good, availability is amazing and price is perfect I highly recommend them to everyone i know

  110. Jeffery Gough

    Unbelievable service outstanding stock and a plethora of variety of Products. First time buyer today will remain a customer and loyal and make referrals for as long as I am on this planet LOL excellent !!!
    I’ve spent quite a few years in Colorado and I’ve only been back home for a couple of years I’ve been to a lot of dispensaries in my travels and even worked for one year recently these guys are by far the best that I’ve seen in a long time outstanding job people outstanding job !!!👀

  111. Not your budy

    Best delivery around quality product and fast and friendly service can’t go wrong with zoo zoo!!

  112. Erika Kologek

    Top notch product, selection and service!

  113. jenrv1981

    The THCa diamonds are worth the purchase. The quality Is amazing!

  114. Kimberly George

    Great product and service. Good deal on MKX. Keep it in stock.

  115. ROADRUNNER420

    I would just like to give credit were it is due. To start product hands down best on market as well as prices are more than fair no one can compare .Beyond that customer service has been nothing but unbelievable i have said it before and ill say it again ill buy it all its others loss if they go elsewhere as well THEY MAKE ME GET DOWN IM TWERKING WHEN I NO THERE IN ROUTE (KEEP BEING YOU ZOO ZOO)AND I WILL CONTINUE TO DANCE THANK YOU

  116. Notyourbudyguy

    Best delivery in Michigan. Can’t go wrong with zoo zoo!!

  117. Drewtsch

    Dawgggg 5/100 live resin is unbeatable. Edible prices are crazy as well. ZooZoo Farms is a lifesaver!

  118. Erika Kologek

    Yummiest wax you will ever smoke!
    I love all the fun names and they variety offered.
    The service is exactly as they say (can take 1-3+) and the drivers are always super kind and friendly.
    Zoozoofarms is without a doubt, Hands down the best delivery service in the metro area!
    Thanks for keeping me High and happy!

  119. Notyourbudyguy

    Best delivery in town can’t beat zoo zoo always great deals and product.

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